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5 Reasons to use Hunt Perfect

Checking Trail-camera pictures can be a love and hate relationship. We absolutely love skimming through pictures on our computer in hopes to see one of our target bucks come across the monitor, but at the same time, we get discouraged when that buck wasn’t there at the exact spot and time the following day. We all wish it were that easy, but unfortunately, it’s not.

The Hunt Perfect software can help. And here below I have a list of reasons why you should start using it:

1. Weather data

As long as your trail-camera had the correct date and time when you upload each individual picture to the software, it collects all of the weather data that occurred at that specific time. This includes barometric pressure, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, moon phase, humidity and precipitation. This then helps you identify what conditions your target animal is most likely to travel in that area, letting you choose that high anticipated time and spot when to go back in for the kill.

2. Organization

It can be tough organizing all of your pictures manually and fortunately, Hunt Perfect does that all for you. All you need to do is tag the pictures and it collects the data listed above along with the day and time for that specific picture. Another cool thing you can add is “sightings” of the animal from the stand, just be sure to record the time and date. It’s another key ingredient that adds to the list of data it provides.

3. Using it as annual data

If you have been whitetail hunting long enough, you may know that some deer, if not all, have an annual pattern. That being said, all of that organized data you have of one of your hit-listers from last year can serve a purpose leading into this upcoming season. The software allows you to pick specific time-frames from daily, to multiple weeks at a time, letting you know where he frequented more during that time-frame last season. It really can be a recipe for success.

4. Efficiency

Not everyone has a ton of time they can dedicate to sitting in the stand. And as we hate to admit, not being in the woods diminishes chances of kicking the deer out from over-pressuring them by being out there too often anyway. Hunt Perfect is a great tool when it comes to breaking down specific details that can show you when that target buck you are after may show back up, leading you to only hunt efficiently and effectively.

Pictured: Spencer Okey

Pictured: Spencer Okey

5. Confidence

Last but not least, confidence. With all of the information that the Hunt Perfect software provides, it leaves no reason to not have confidence that next sit. I think confidence is the biggest tool we have when it comes to laying down mature bucks on a consistent basis and the awesome thing about it is, we can control it mentally. Go into your next hunt expecting your target buck to show up because both you and the Hunt Perfect software put the time in to help you have success. Do not get discouraged if he doesn't though, keep that same mentality the next time and I can just about guarantee your success rate will go up tremendously.

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