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The Outdoor Nations - Review!

Recently Hunt Perfect was reviewed by The Outdoor Nation (! We'd love to hear your feedback, give us a shout and tell us what you think of Hunt Perfect. You can view the review at http://theoutdoornation.cohunt-perfect/ or read below!

For those of you who don’t know, I am definitely not a “tech freak.” I know how to write essays on a laptop, take pictures, and edit and upload YouTube videos. Other than that, my knowledge of how to use apps and gadgets is somewhat slim, especially when it comes to the new era of hunting technology. I also know that though I don’t consider myself a tech freak, I am a tad more technologically advanced than many hunters born in previous generations. That being said, I have finally found an app that is not only easy to use for all levels of technological experience, but also beneficial to any hunter’s deer season.

The app, called Hunt Perfect, helps the user track and pattern deer, and manages trail camera pictures efficiently and effectively. Simply upload trail camera photos onto the Hunt Perfect app and mark the trail camera’s location on Google Maps. Once done, the user can establish a “Hit List” of any number of deer they choose. Each time an image is uploaded weather information for the exact date and time the picture was taken is captured and stored. These small gadgets may seem menial, but it beats trying to pattern deer with a pen and paper by ten fold.

But, the most important and standout feature of the app, is it’s ability to create a virtual, deer-activity heat map. That’s right, a heat map. Any user can both create and view a heat map of their land’s deer activity corresponding to trail camera pictures and trail camera locations that have been uploaded to the app. It requires almost no effort from the user as the app creates the map entirely on its own, and is built without any additional cost to the user. This feature enables hunters to not only pattern their deer virtually, but also pattern their deer visually.

In order to test the gadget, any user can receive a fourteen day free trial with full access to all the app’s features, including unlimited picture and camera uploads, the Hit List feature, and heat maps. A full subscription to the Hunt Perfect app costs a mere $10 yearly or $1.50 per month. In my opinion, Hunt Perfect is the best deer-hunting app on the market today, and by far one of the easiest to use. To access the app and create your very own Hunt Perfect account, visit Hunt Perfect.

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