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ALL NEW Features

In kicking off the 2018 trail camera season we are excited to announce some Hunt Perfect features updates that will take your trail camera game to the next level.

Home Range

Introducing our all NEW home range functionality. Effortlessly learn the patterns of a specific hit lister by camera movement. All you have to do is select a property, hit lister, and a starting date. The rest is history... the home range feature will start drawing out the movements/patterns of your shooter buck!

Camera Archiving

You now have the ability to archive old camera locations that you are no longer using so they don't show up on any maps or upload lists. Don't worry though archiving a camera does not exclude any of your key data!

New Habits

We now have habits information for Temperature and Wind Speed. Quickly and easily determine if your next wallhanger moves under specific wind speeds or temperature conditions.

Auto Photo Grouping

Trail camera pictures are now automatically grouped in 15 minute intervals to ensure the most accurate data possible is always at your fingertips.

Quick Upload

Under each camera we now have a quick upload feature to help you easily go through pictures and get them into Hunt Perfect! As you are going through a camera card just simply drag and drop the images into the quick upload box and then will automatically be uploaded without you having to click anything!

Image Weather View

Each time you click on an individual trail camera picture it now pulls up all the weather information associated with that picture.

Camera Summary

You can now view an overall snapshot by hit lister of what cameras they are most active at.

SD Card Reader

In June we officially launched our very own Hunt Perfect trail camera SD card reader. One device will now cover all your devices and features ports for Android, Apple, and Windows. This device allows you to view, edit, share, and delete pictures quick and easily right from the field. Each reader comes with a free carrying case as well as extenders for Android/Apple so you never have to take off your case!! Click here to check it out on Amazon!!!

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