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Q&A with Scotty Keidel - Hunt Perfect Strategies

We had the pleasure of having an avid Hunt Perfect user Scotty Keidel for a Q&A. Scott has been with us from the beginning and even though it's been a short time he has truly helped put HP to the test and helped with some awesome new feature adds!!

Scott start by telling us where you are located and what kind of farm you hunt?

I have been deer hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for the past 15 years. I will also be hunting in Ohio for the first time this coming year. In Maryland, we hunt a 500 acres of private lease as part of a hunting club with about 18 members. Each member has an area we stick to year after year. Most of the camp only hunt muzzleloader and rifle. The property is half hardwoods and half dense pine thickets.

How many trail camera’s do you run and what’s your strategy for placing them?

Currently, I’m running 6 cameras. Typically, I try to place them over intersecting trails or trails at the transition of hardwoods to pines. On our property, most of the hunters bait with corn so I’ll sometimes place cameras there to get a better buck inventory.

How do you utilize Hunt Perfect and what is your favorite feature?

I’ve found that Hunt Perfect is great finding the reason “why” a buck is in the area. My favorite feature is the graphs for barometric pressure and wind. It’s easy to view and I found correlations I had not previously known.

How has Hunt Perfect changed the way you hunt?

Yes it has. Being able to upload pictures and have the conditions effortlessly imported has made a significant improvement in analyzing trail camera photos. Hunt Perfect allows me to hunt smarter and more efficiently while saving time in the process. I’ve been able to see more deer and more accurately predict when the bucks will be in the area based on trends Hunt Perfect shows me.

What deer are #1 on your hit list in 2018? What’s your plan to put them on the ground?

Saban - 9 pointer

Hunt Perfect - Q&A with Scott

Flacco – 11 pointer

Hunt Perfect - Q&A with Scott

Hunt Perfect - Q&A with Scott

The bucks move around in daylight fairly often early in the year. Typically around 9 am - 11 am. I'll plan to do more all day sits and see if I can get him in the travel corridors. If I can't get it done early season, I'll most likely need to wait until late December or so, based on our gun season being late November/Early December. During Late December, I've only seen the bucks the last few minutes of daylight or trail camera pictures just after dark. So for late season, I intend be more aggressive and move in closer to his bedding. That will likely be my best opportunity to catch him on his feet during daylight.

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