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About the Team

Hunt Perfect - Team

Maverick Baumer, Co-Founder

Maverick is an avid outdoors man who graduated from IPFW and currently works in tech. He was introduced to hunting by his uncles and has been hunting since 13! Mav loves property management and running trail cameras just as much as chasing whitetails.  He primarily hunts in Northeast Indiana and Michigan.

Hunt Perfect - Team

Spencer Okey, Co-Founder

Spencer lives in NE Indiana with his wife and twin boys.  He graduated from Ball State University and currently runs his own company.  He was introduced to hunting by his uncle as a teen but really took interest when his father in law took him out years later.  Now Spencer is an avid hunter that enjoys not only the hunt but the entire lifestyle. From summer bow shoots and scouting, to trial camera management.  He hunts from southeast Indiana and Kentucky to western New York.

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