Getting Started With HP is SIMPLE!

The Hunt Perfect platform was built on ease of use!  To start using and getting the most out of your trail camera pictures you only have to do 3 simple steps!!!

1. Add your cameras - plot them in Google Maps inside of HP.

2. Setup your "hit list" - this could be one specific buck or a group of animals.

3. Upload your pictures!  HP then captures weather information for the exact date and time that picture was taken based on the camera location. (Note: you can also add a sighting if you don't have a picture)

Trail Camera Management

Quickly and easily organize your trail camera pictures.  Unlimited camera tracking and image uploads.  Take your trail camera management to the next level.


Capture weather data for exactly when your trail camera pictures were taken.  Efficiently pattern and manage your hit list in just a few minutes! Hunt Perfect automatically groups pictures into 15 minute intervals to ensure you have the most accurate data at your fingertips.


Hunt Perfect trail camera management software is designed to give hunters the ability to utilize all the data being captured by their trail cameras.  Efficiently manage your cameras and hit list from any device!

Contact Us

The Hunt Perfect team is here for you!  Feel free to shoot us a message with any questions or just to share what you love about HP!

14 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required

HP is only $49.99 for unlimited everything and no feature restrictions! 

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Device Friendly

Hunt Perfect works on any device with any camera.